Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and the information you read on this page and throughout this website is based on my own research as it may apply to my own unique situation. Before starting or consuming any exercise program, diet or supplements, please check with your doctor. DO NOT follow my advice or examples without first consulting with a healthcare professional that is knowledgeable about your disease, condition and symptoms.

Choosing a diet that is suitable for both a failing heart and kidney disease is no easy task. Add in to the equation my desire to maintain the muscle mass I’ve worked so hard to develop and I’ve got myself one steep and windy road to follow.

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to speak with a nutritionist but based on extensive research concerning foods that are good for the heart and bad for the kidney, I’ve developed a nutritional guideline that seems to be working very well.  Here are the values I try to adhere to on a daily basis:

Calories = 2,200
Protein = 83 grams
Carbohydrates = 275 grams
Sugars = 75 grams
Fat = 86 grams
Cholesterol = 300 milligrams
Sodium = 1,500 milligrams
Potassium = 3,500 milligrams

Generally speaking, I’ve been able to keep my sodium between 1,500 and 2,000 milligrams a day for the past 3-weeks.  I do tend to exceed both the recommended protein and sugar intake by about 10 grams a day; and, since protein, carbs and sodium are all bad for both the heart and kidneys, I need to find a way to increase my fat intake, without increasing any of the other nutrients.  As I try to stay under the levels listed above, I find it very difficult to get 2,200 calories a day.  On most days, I end up with about 1,900. This certainly requires a lot of time, determination and a well-orchestrated nutrition plan.

As I learn more about a heart healthy diet that also proves beneficial to kidney health, I’ll add to and update this page.

If you have anything to add or advice to give, please feel free to share it through a comment.

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