Coreg vs. Bystolic – Beta Blockers

Not all beta blockers are created equally.  For about nine months, I took 3.125 mg of Coreg twice daily. While it seemed to work well with my other medications to improve my heart function, Coreg definitely affected my sex drive.  At 46 years of age, even with my heart condition and high blood pressure, I’d never had an issue with my libido.  Within weeks of taking Coreg, I noticed a substantial decrease in my sex drive and the ability to maintain an erection. Although I understood and appreciated the many benefits of taking Coreg, the side effects were depressing and I needed to change medications. After some exhaustive research and communication with my doctor, I made the switch to 5 mg of Bystolic, once daily.  So far, after nearly two weeks, the difference in my sex drive and sexual functions has been moderately improved.

I believe any type or form of beta blocker will negatively effect libido and overall sexual performance; however, Bystolic seems to have less effect than Coreg. That said, I have not yet been retested to see if my heart function will suffer from the switch in medication.  If I find that my EF decreases on the Bystolic, I will switch back to Coreg.

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