Why Do I Have CHF?

Over and over again, I ask myself “why me”.  Why do I have congestive heart failure? As I look around society, I see so many others who are more likely candidates for heart failure than I am.  Not that I would wish this condition on anyone else but too many others, who’s hearts will beat into their 90’s, have not tried to stay as healthy as I have.  But then, when I stop to think about everything I did and was exposed to in my earlier years, I start to think that maybe heart failure was always in my future.  Here are a few life events that I feel contributed to my diagnosis:


  1. I used smokeless tobacco from 1990 thru 2014. I’ve only been tobacco free to about 2 years now.
  2. I was exposed to 2nd hand smoke at home and work until the age of 19
  3. My biological father was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam
  4. I was born with only one kidney
  5. I have kidney disease
  6. I suffer from Hypothyroidism
  7. I have a family history of hypertension
  8. I have high blood pressure

So even though I’ve managed to stay in shape and eat relatively well through most of my adult life, I think it’s obvious why my heart is failing.  All of the above life events and conditions contribute to heart failure and diseases.  In light of how quickly my heart condition emerged without any forewarning, I encourage everyone to undergo a heart scan.  Even though I now know that my life expectancy may not be as long as I had hoped for, I have the information and knowledge I need to make lifestyle changes that will serve to extend my life by many years.  Had I continued without this knowledge, I probably would have died before the age of 55.

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